Emilia Morales: SECRET Kardashian Sister?!

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Emilia Morales: The SECRET Kardashian Sister Emerges! At least if you believe a tabloid report.
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This is 100% not real. I am not spreading it. So how the fuck could I refuse a DNA test..do you people not realise that these sites get money every time you click on the links??? Its all bullshit don't believe the media they're all money hungry idiots. I dont want fame or money I haven't spoken to any of these media fools so fuck all this talk about "sources" and "emilia said/has/refused" is bullocks bcs THIS IS ALL MADE UP BY SOME FOOLS IN THE MEDIA TO MAKE YOU CLICK ON TO THEIR WEBSITES. Now can everyone stop wasting my time you've already ruined my fucking name just get over this shit.

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