Ellen Page Gay Admission

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Ellen Page comes out as gay in this impressive speech. Watch now and applaud the former Oscar nominee for her courage.
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Sherry hardimon

I like Ellen. Whatever she does is her business. We will all be judged in the end. Everyone knows Ellen is gay. I still thinks she is bold to finally be herself. Good luck Ellen.

Sherry hardimon
@ Sherry Hardimon

I'm not gay but I'm not judging anyone I have done a lots of wrong in my life. So more power to Ellen.


I am happy for her to "come out", but really why do they keep pushing this for us to accept. Its wrong. Should be dont ask dont tell. We really dont care.

Emy pron

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Really? Who the hell cares? I'm heterosexual and I don't go around telling everyone! Who cares who you like.

Damon craven
@ whoreallycares

YOU may not care and that's a good thing, but there are plenty of people in the world who DO care who you like. As Ellen pointed out in her speech, the countless suicides, bullying, homelessness, rejection and whatnot clearly shows that. Heterosexuals don't have to hide who they are just to make people comfortable.

@ Damon Craven

thats a weak individual. So by telling everyone, they were not accepted and they took the easy way out. Suicide.. Wrong wrong wrong


Good for her, No one should have to hide who they are !


Who the heck is this person?

@ jacasa

The girl from Juno.

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