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Elise Testone tried out a Led Zepplin classic on top 9 performance night. Did she pull off "Whole Lotta Love?" Listen and watch for yourself.

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I love this so much! It stays in my head for days and I always get goose bumps when I watch it. Love, Love, Love her version of this song. She nailed it so completely! Beyond amazing in my opinion.


This years winner couldn't even stay on the stage with Elise! The show is a joke.


Still awesome. Never gets old. This girl is a rare gem. When she did "Bold As Love"(her swan song) she made me her fan to infinity and beyond.


Why did they pull it off of U Tube... That is another thing that is messed up with American Idol. Best performance Ever, and they pull it. I'm done with the fools.


it was the most enjoyable performance on Idol for me. It was absolutely refreshing. I have serious chills whenever I watch it. And with Stevie Nicks mentoring - it really took me back. Magic. I hope that Elise (or someone soon) is the total package to be a huge artist similar to some of those legends of long ago.


Are you kidding me, are you kidding me.Elise was so in the pocket with that song.I have never seen any body sing robert plants classic incuding lead singers from well know rock bands.She should be signed now.Completely blown away.She should have a shot at it all.But america will vote for one these these other toads.Are you kidding of best i have ever seen! popeye


@FanofAmericanIdol - Maybe "your type of song" is at your local church. As for me, Elise was totally AWESOME!


I look at old YouTube videos of GaGa when she was a brunette fronting a rock band (2006 I think) and a comparison with Elise is inevitable. This was also the night Elise became a star (much as Underwood did when she sang "Alone"). Like many of those commenting, I watch the video over and over because something special is happening. This week is '80's week (and she'll kill it), but like Lou, I hope she gets a chance to take on Joplin. Idol's voting demographic shifted to early-teen girls a few years back, so I'm hoping there are enough rockers to keep this girl in the spotlight.


I sure hope that the audience can see a real talent when they are confronted with it. Its great to see the beginning of a great talent that's sure to go far in the music industry. I've heard her perform live years ago and knew she had it then. Her "ME & BOBBIE MCGEE" will also blow your socks off so I hope she gets a chance to do it.


Robert Plante would be totally blown away himself... she frickin' kicked Ass

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