Elisabeth Hasselbeck Versus Bill Maher on The View

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck got into it with Bill Maher during the latter's appearance on The View. Watch the verball smackdown now.
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Elizabeth as a woman I'm ashamed of you a due gondtant ignorance of the reality of ur party and what u stand for!!!!
Bill Maher is a genius political comedian and much more knowledgeable with a wider more tolerant view than I'll ever be capable of


Maher has had his head up his own ass for long that whatever juices and muscle strains reside there have shaped his face into it's current, grotesque and hateful shape.
You that pretend to adore this arrogant little mutant know full well how abhorrent and unfunny he really is...
Just as you know how how brave, resolute, courageous and corect Mrs Hasslebeck is to appear on this puke fest


Bill Maher. The great Bill Maher. Just ask him and he'll tell you just how brilliant he is. Just like the title of his rotten book implies. He's smart and everyone else is stupid. And his lackey audiences hoot, holler and cheer this arrogant runt. Hey, remember when he "tossed" the heckler from his studio audience a few months ago? He was surrounded by a few oak trees called security guards and this pitiful phoney was parading around like a hero. Elizabeth, ya done good!!!!


At the time Maher made the joke, no rape had yet occurred. He never joked about rape. She's a moron.


Yeah, Maher is awsome, alright.
It's awesome to joke about a woman being raped in captivity in a third world nation. Then, it's even more awesome to say that an African American is an idiot, when he will scream racism if anyone says a negative comment about HIS president.
Maher is pathetic, and needs to lose his show. He's anti-human race.


Bill maher is awesome. Elizabitch. Needs to be sent to Egypt. Put something in her mouth pleaze

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Tim Hasselbeck
Elisabeth Hasselbeck, former Survivor contestant, is a co-host on The View. She can be real annoying but she will keep things interesting... More »
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Elisabeth DelPadre Filarski Hasselbeck

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Right now, with two kids, one 3 and one 5 months, a little walk for ice cream with the kids is perfectly romantic. When they are falling asleep in the stroller and [we can] just take in the city together.

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Body image has nothing to do with scale numbers, it's how you feel inside. This is the first time I've felt free from that, because I am working out in a way where I feel so strong that there's no room for those doubts.

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