Eight-Year-Old Wins 'Catastrophe Award'

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The mother of an 8-year-old Arizona girl who was presented with a "Catastrophe Award" for apparently having the most excuses for not having homework believes her child was humiliated by her teacher.
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I had a 4th grade teacher who did a similar funny awards ceremony... everybody got titles like "Most Likely to Forget Long Division" and "Best Potty Mouth" but nobody cared because it was the '90s and "bullying" wasn't the buzz word it is today. The fact that no other awards from the teacher are mentioned in this report is suspicious to me: did the teacher give everyone a silly award or was this one child singled out? It's something to discuss with the principal, not something to put on national TV. Calm down America!


The teacher should not have given out this "award," and I understand the mother's anger, but I'd like to know where said mother was when her daughter had all this homework. Why was she not attentive enough to notice her daughter wasn't doing her work? I think the teacher and the parent are both at fault in this story.


What a HORRIBLE excuse for a TEACHER! What ever happened to the Best Effort Award or the Achievement Awards?!?! How can a teacher in good conscience single out and publicly humiliate a child and call it all good fun and a joke? A joke is something EVERYONE enjoys and appreciates...not just some! I hope this teacher is suspended- without pay- and not allowed back into any school unless she takes some serious counseling on the appropriate way to reprimand a child but mostly how to build self confidence in a student. It is bad enough the drop-out rate is growing, that times are hard and teachers are being laid off and schools are closing; but to humiliate a young child that is obviously trying is horrendous!!! How can we stop bullying when teacher's like this are the bullies? As any parent or educator will tell you a child learns by example...and this teacher is setting a terrible example!

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