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We got a sneak peek at Eclipse at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. In this scene, Bella takes charge with Jacob. She tells him to "lose the grin."

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Ready for another clip from Eclipse? Of course you are. In this look at the movies, we see werewolves attack. Big time!

Eclipse Sneak Peek: Newborns

A new Eclipse sneak preview shows the newborn vampire alliance forming ... those peeps have no control. Whatsoever.

Bella and the Wolfpack

Jacob takes Bella home in this clip from Eclipse. She meets members of the Wolfpack and also comes to a realization: Jacob clearly talks about her with his fellow werewolves... A LOT.

Final Eclipse Trailer

This is the final, full-length trailer for Eclipse. Sit back and soak it all in, fans. It's impossible not to get excited for the movie based on this clips.

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