Jessica Simpson gets it shoved all up in her ear. By it, we mean a candle. It's really not as dirty as it sounds ... kind of.

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    I've done that "Ear Candle" before. Its not a "candle" its a paper cone like thing that is coated in bees wax and is hollow in the middle. You lite the end of the cone that is not in your ear AFTER you insert the other end (that is like a cone funnel) in your ear. And as it burns down someone cuts off the "ash" that was the paper after it burns. You do that until its about 3-4 inches above your ear then u cut the flame part and let it fall into a cup of water. Then, you take the "cone" part out of your ear and its full to the top with ear wax (a good 3 inches full) its so gross but if you get ear infections a lot it can help

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