Dylan Sprouse and his naked photos are causing all kinds of controversy. But did he do anything wrong?

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that`s nasty like really nasty


Hey, ever since Dylan & Cole Sprause made their first appearance on T.V, I've been told by not only my friends & my family that I look identical to Dylan & I look like Cole & Dylan's long lost Triplet. Now that everyone has seen Dylan's nude self photos, I run into people every four or more times day that ask me if I'm really Dylan Sprause & how I feel about my ex-girl friend leaking the pics if I leaked the pics my self. Anyways just wanted to say that you & I do look identical in every way & I do mean every way. You have nothing to be ashamed about, believe me & neither do I, because we do share the same face beautiful face & gorgeous, perfect & hot as H-'LL body. So just keep on doing your thing Babby-Boy !!!!!!!!


seriously, I feel bad! honey you sound so fake and awkward!


brook burkstaller needs to get a new job, horrible commentator!!!

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