DWTS Semifinals - Winner Take All Cha-Cha!

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The dance that earned Chelsea Kane an additional 15 points. Think Hines got robbed a little?
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I think the Winner Take All is for the benefit of the judges and the producers. If the show is supposed to reflect what viewers want to see, why put in a "fix" to ensure it's the way the judges/producers/advertisers want it to go. I've lost enough respect for DWTS that I won't watch anymore.


The last two seasons have been hard to watch. I understand that the dynamics can change from week to week, however, who verifies the results? I was never a fan of Brandy. Not her music not he T.V. show. However, she could realy dance. Her elimination of Bristol,"Heavy Toes" Palin gave me cause to wonder. Ralph was never given a break, even when injured and comments were harsh and not constructive. Bruno is to full of himself, Len to set in his ways to judge objectively, Cheryl Ann, I can not always figure out where her comments are coming from. I am disappointed that Ralph was eliminated and that Chelsea got 15 points for her Cha Cha when Hines was better on his foot work. Not that I was pushing for Hines, it is sort of like watch a big Oak trying to be a Willow. But his foot work was better. Of the three left I just don't care and will not stay up late to watch.

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