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Dunkin Donuts has apologized for this ad, which ran in Thailand. Watch now and you'll understand why.

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It is stupid! I think that since Obama became president anything they can call evenly remotely racist they will to the nth degree.


The commercial actually made me a bit hungry!


As a black woman, I didn't find this commercial offensive at all. As an artist I think it's creative and entertaining. This isn't a racist commercial at all. I think some people are overly sensitive for no reason. Stop looking for something negative out of something harmless.


This commercial was in no way shape or form racist. People just need to stop trying to make everything into a race issue.


That is it? She had the bright pink lip stick on before the "blackface". People are trying to make something out of nothing. I don't think this is racist at all.


All the hubbub about this ad is nonsense. It was creative and different and I think anyone who saw "black-face" in it is hyper-sensitive. It is about a dark chocolate donut and that is it.

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