Duck Dynasty: Phil Robertson Under Attack Over Anti-Gay Comments

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Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty is under attack over his recent anti-gay comments.
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First off I would like to say I personally think all people should be treated equal. However I will say this man Mr. Robertson should be able to answer questions with out such outrage against him. If he were a gay man speaking out about how he could not understand how men could like women he would be giggles at and looked over in this country today, but because he speaks with his convictions in what he feels the bible and his religion teaches him he is considered to be a threat in some way to people for this to be such an outrage. Second apparently you people that are so angry about his beliefs should step back and think he has the right for his opinion. It is his right to speak freely in this country the last I checked that was one of the things we should not have to pay for yet he is paying for it now also A&E I am certain knew and does know all of this man s history in life before they ever placed him or his family on television. So let the man speak! If people do not want to listen there is a invention called a channel remote that will change the channel if used properly. I say PROPS TO YOU PHIL!! For standing on your faith and letting God be your guide! ROCK ON!!

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