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The Robertson family has issued a statement in which they stand by Phil Robertson despite his recent comments to GQ.

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They asked the question and he answered it honestly there is nothing against giving your opinion and that is honestly what he did and I stand by Phil because I as a Christian believe that god made us to love a person of a diffrent gender and u dont like suck it up or don't ask the question


I stand with Phil . Love the show the family values and tradition which is something u don't see these days on other shows. U got MTV "jersey shore " real world "promoting gay sex drinking and partying going too jail . So how is that OK and accepted?
But a good ol boy from the swamp says a few things about his beliefs and gets suspended. They asked the question. He jus answerd honestly . Sounds like poor Paula deans situation .they asked her under othe in court had she ever said the n-word and she was honest and said yes. And look what happened too her.


In God we trust is our nations motto. And God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. We all have our right to believe and express what we feel..


I think phil said it right god made all of us and why should we keep quiet when it comes to GOD. keep phil on. i will not. watch AE. if they take him off


I believe Phil has a right to freedom of speech. It's his opinion. I am bisexual I am in a relationship with a girl. I won't stop watching the show he did not say anything hurtful or rude. I love duck dynasty..


I believe in "free speech". Phil Robertson has every right to express his opinion honestly. It's good to see so many people standing with him. Not everyone in this great nation is a Liberal.