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Check out the trailer for the new film Dredd. No, it is not a sequel or prequel to Judge Dredd, but it is based on the same comic book character.
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Erik,Interesting ruminations. I was all fihnsied producing my little video commercials (which I really just did for fun) before I was sitting with a bunch of book editors a few days ago, and I discovered that there's a name for these things: "book trailers" and "viral marketing." The editors told that they're one of the fastest growing areas of advertising. Here's one of the companies that makes them: . I'll leave it to others to judge how entertaining or effective they are, but I note that it costs from $600 to $5,000 each to commission them. For less than a $1,000, an artist can get a good camcorder, an external hard drive, and the editing software, and produce their own videos to promote gallery shows, comics, or individual paintings. It's really easy and fast, and the only limit is imagination.I agree with your analysis. The formula for success in this genre seems to be some combination of: animals, weird magic, disasters, mud puddles, flames, and/or music.

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