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Dr. Conrad Murray is praying for the prosecutors. Why? Who the heck knows.

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I believe that Dr. Conrad Murry didn't mean for MJ to die either,he was careless,reckless and the end result was a Deadly Disaster.We'll never truly know what went on daily behind closed doors,but God knows. Very Heart Breaking story~ My prayers are with MJ's family and the Murry family.


I do beleive that Dr. Conrad did not mean for MJ to die but he did put into place the reason for his death. And he should pay for it. I feel the loss of his medical licencs will hurt more than jail time. I see they found room at the local jail for him and not for LL. I think this young woman(LL) should spend some time away for aleast a year in therpy.Away from her mother and father. I'm just saying.

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