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Part five of the Dr. Conrad Murray documentary. This was produced during the trial after which he was convicted of manslaughter.

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i dont believe he killed, him i think that he wanted to help Michael jackson, but it went wrong,


oh pliz.. michael was an addict. the doctor was pressured and made a mistake. i was a big fan of mj but this was bound to happen. lets not use conrad murray as a scape goat. the jackson family wants to blame conrad, but where were they? they all knew mj was an addict!!


he says he was his friend , i could never imagine having a friend like that ... poor mj, he seemed so lonely , and lost , fame is overrated ,, i fell for everyone who has suffered the loss ,, nothing can bring him back,, h will live on as another famous artist who has left our planet too soon !!!


To be the man who killed MJ will never leave him.. R.I.P MJ


the dr is guity we know that but he must serve his time for justice for michael he took away a icon that will never be replace by another if you listen to any radio station today they always have michael jackson music he will live on forever in people heart but spirtually he will never be forgoten muarry was a profession dr he know he did wrong and now he will have answer to the lord above did he love michael as a friend why did he take his life michael will live forever spiritally he was a gift from GOD LOVE YOU MJ

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