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Donald Trump's sons Eric and Donald Jr. went big game hunting in Africa recently. Here are some surprising photos from that trip.

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Its sick to post those pics.Thats all im saying!


It costs a lot of money to hunt these kinds of animals and I'm sure it's going to ppl in Africa that really need it. Also if u eat what u kill and kill it quickly their is nothing wrong with it! People hunt to live and they hunt for sport but at least everything will be eaten and their money will go to good use. This is so stupid to get mad at.


We are not judging!! This goes for everybody. Let me put you out there on the loose and let me hunt you down with a gun and shoot you!!! How would you like that. You people that are taking up for hunters must not love animals. YOU HEARTLESS....I DO NOT EVEN WANT TO SAY WHAT I THINK OF YOU!!!! YOU ARE NOT WORTH IT!!!!


How do you figure it's murder? They were hunting, the objective is to kill whatever you are hunting. Who cares about these guys, if they have the money to fly over there and to hunt some new game then that is their prerogative. The only reason anyone is going to get their panties in a bunch over these pictures is because they are animals you haven't seen hunted before. In america these animals are in a zoo, so it's hard to see them dead but that's the circle of life


I don't know why people are saying they lost respect for them for killing this animals. This happens all the time they just don't see it. Stop being so ignorant and judging them just because they are famous they have money. Instead of judging them and saying you lost respect try do something to help. I guess at the end of the day all people know how to do is judged.


I'm disgusted & horrified. Not sure how I felt about these people before but seeing the joy they take in slaughtering animals for sport sickens me. You're super rich..can't you find something more productive & worthwhile to do with your time versus murder?


bastards! Just because they are rich does NOT give them the right to kill animals! REALLY DON elephant tail, you must be so proud!..I just lost all respect I had for those men!!!

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