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A dog greets his owner in this video, having not seen the soldier for 6 months. It's moving, awesome stuff.

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Made me so happy and tear up seeing the impromptu reaction of the dog. Soooo sweet !! He just demonstrates pure love for his owner. I love this video.


Guess the wife wasn't too excited to see her hubby ... she wasn't jumping on him and whining and crying or wagging her tail.


Translation of dog : Man! Where the h3ll you been at?! You know what it's like living here with her while you are gone!


See this right here prove animals are not dumb the way a lot of people think they are. Thank you for your service.


I wish I had a dog like that. This is great stuff. A real change from reading the IRS garbage.


What a beautiful story. Dogs are incredible beings and their love is unconditional. I wish this family a long and happy life together. Please if you ever wanted to support a cause and just wasn't sure if the money would actually go towards a family or animal in need, I ask you to read this and please do what you can to assist our family with getting our Dog Philly the surgery he needs, whether that be through donations or by helping spread the word for our Philly Man. Thanks,


What the hell is our military doing in foreign countries???


Having a diabetic attack... that was just too sweet!


awww. reminds me of a dog I had that used to cry and yell like that even if we were gone for 5 minutes. Thats a nice story, my heart goes out to all the dogs that never got to see thier soldier owners come home.


They said cat owners have higher IQ than dog owners. Do you really need high IQ to enjoy unconditional love?

@ Tony Nbc

Cats do have unconditional love as well, believe me.

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