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This dog bit a news anchor in the face on live TV. It's scary, but the clip has gone viral in recent days.

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Whole things sad - and i think she may be a cat person/owner and not know alot of "strange dog etiquette" bc of the way she repeatedly scratches him under his jaw and throat area. Cats LOVE being scratched under the chin on the throat area - dogs dont mind being scratched aroud that area - BUT - only by people they KNOW. If the dog doesn't know u - ur better just scratching behind the ears, gently petting the head and on top of the shoulders. Dog ppl generally know not to scratch a strange dog under the mouth/chin and ESPECIALLY on the throat area - attacks and bites to the throat area is how wolves KILL each other in the wild and it is still a tactic in dog behaviour to grab the other dog by the throat - NEVER scratch a strange dog in the soft throat area - in a dog's body language it is threatening and indeed can get you BIT -


this is definitely all her fault. you NEVER get that close to an animal, especially after what he has just gone through.
the dog showed obvious signs of being uncomfortable.


if the police own the dog and u dont have on blue. your bite.


Wow. I feel bad for her knowing she had good intentions, but her behavior is clearly a threat to the dog. She is all over his face and he is "lip licking" which is something they do when they are nervous. He showed his teeth when she got in his space telling her to back off and she continued to violate his space. Like I sad, its unfortunate she got bit, but for Gods sake that is common sense.


You know I watched this video again very closely. Not only did the dog back away from her but he backed into his owners lap area; which he probably considered a safe zone; and she violated that zone.


Um Hello! Animals are UNPREDICTABLE! We do not know what they are thinking or feeling. Too be as close to this animal without taking into consideration his previous ordeal was completely asinine on Ms Dyers part. Not saying that it wasn't a horrible experience, but it could have been prevented.


Totally the woman's fault. Damn, even kids long ago were told never put your face up close to a strange dog. And the news of course made a bigger deal of it that they ought to have...just because it was caught on film. That was not a big significant bite...I am sure it hurt but give me a break...reconstructive surgery right. A couple of stitches and a swollen lip - off on long term disability. What a croc.


The dog is not a pit bull, it is an Argentine Dogo or also an Argentine Mastiff. And it is the fault of the people involved, not the dogs.


I'm an animal behaviorist. And there's a lot wrong here. The owner is holding the animal so tightly he had no where to go. Second the dog is CLEARLY uncomfortable! He even backs away from her when she strokes his neck. Then she puts her face in his face.
After all the hype I was expecting something much more tramatic. That was a hey get out of my face lady bite not a malicious agressive bite. And for all those pit bull haters out there- sorry you are just plain ignorant.

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