Diddy Calls Out Non-Ciroc Drinker, T.I. Intervenes

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Diddy caused a ruckus the other night at an Atlanta club. Fortunately, T.I. is there to smooth things over.
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Wow! is their anyone out there, today, right now, who has never in their entire life-time, done anything wrong, shameful, assinine or just down right "STUPID" in their life, that theyare not proud of?. Where is your compassion, where is your (forgiveness). Everyone has fallen short of the glory of "God".And I mean, EVERYONE!!! Gathering from all the e-mails, that I have read, you people give the phrase, ima jackass, with my head up my ass, an entirely new meaning.. He's human, you morons. He's human.


It never fails. Every time we say things that hurt other and then someone calls out on it. It's back to Lord forgive me I didn't mean to say it.


What a punk bitch! I can't stand Puffy at all!


What an ass he is. P diddy no one gives a sh*t about you. trying to fight someone over vodka. Dumb A$$.

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