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Demi Lovato appears here on Ellen. She jokes about being Bipolar... but no one really laughed.

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Demi: Remember that everyone uses some type of ritual or good-luck symbol/piece to do most anything they fear or are uncomfortable with. Yours(or one of yours?)is flying. That's quite alright. Everyone is afraid or uncomfortable with something. Many even use superstition's to get them through. Even more use religion of some kind. I say,as long as it doesn't hurt anybody or yourself---do or use whatever you need to. No one else knows how you feel,or the things that run through your mind. So do what works for you...I see you got a little hung-up out there in this interview. No biggie...Just pace your train-of-thought to keep-up with what you say. And you know that age-old adage; "Never let'em see you sweat." Well,truly,it doesn't really matter. You're doing a fine job of being you,and that's all you ever need to do,ok? I liked best hearing you say;"---I'm a Real girl,so---" way to represent,D'! You looked great in this interview,by-the-way. Cool outfit(I especially liked the jacket! LOL!) Your new music Rock's(Heart Attack is my fave,of the new one's)and,I am a fan of your older stuff still('Remember December',and 'give your heart a break' are my 2 absolute favorite Demi' songs---so far..LOL!) So keep rockin'-tha-mic'! Playin' your baby[the piano you shared a pic' of]! And living life to the fullest and best you know how,D-Love! Alright?! Later all; Hollywood---out...

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