Darryl Dawkins Dunk Shatters Backboard

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Darryl Dawkins smashes a backboard to pieces with this old school dunk. Amazing.
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depends. In my district, we're uizonnied so permanent teachers who are riffed have to be hired back first. After that, the principal can hire whoever he/she wants, although they usually try to hire back the temporary teachers who were already working there. Of course, there are temporary teachers in the district and at my school who are now in their 7th year of teaching in the district. They froze the number of permanent teachers several years ago, so a temp only gets permanent status (the Dreadful Tenure) when a permanent employee quits or retires. It's very demoralizing for the new teachers to be fired every March and not know if they're going to have a job again until the summer or even right before school starts. Drives a lot of people out of the profession.

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