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Danielle Staub says in this interview that she almost took her own life. On more than one occasion.

[I'd posted this sromwheee else, but I think it should be here, thanks, Indrani]Hi Eric,Just a note to say how much I’ve enjoyed Light Bridge! I’ve recently discovered that my ascendant is Capricorn (Sun in Taurus). Your entry for Capricorn has been spot on and incredibly useful – you’ve pinpointed the areas of difficulty so neatly and in a manner that’s workable. Thank you for your wonderful work – you’ve made a huge difference to my life – it’s as if I’ve been standing at the door looking for the right keys, and here they finally are. May I also thank you for the approach you’ve taken – your writing (especially for Capricorn) has such a beautiful, sober and sensitive feel to it – incredibly comforting and methodical. Reading that entry has been like that lovely moment when you see the light and say, “yeeeess – that is exactly me.” Contrasting the Capricorn entry with the Taurus entry, I can also see what the areas of tension are – I already FEEL what they are, but having it set out is like having some sort of road map – I can use my conscious mind as well as my intuition (which is a relief). Living almost entirely intuitively is exhausting, and I simply cannot be hostage to that level of emotion for much longer. Until now, work has been the only place I feel truly alive, but with your help (and of course the astrology itself!), I see how that feeling can be spread out across the rest of my life – the lessons have been coming from my work relationships but are applicable elsewhere.I’m just about to hit 40 (I tell you, it’s been a fuckin’ hard slog!) and I feel like I’m only just beginning to find my feet and learning to walk; I feel like I’m FINALLY growing into my own skin, and that after years and years of feeling like the odd one out, the world (which includes my friends, God bless ‘em) is finally catching up with me. That may sound like a strange thing to say, but that’s how it feels because I haven’t actually changed much at all – I’m pretty much the same person I’ve always been, but it’s as though the world has suddenly discovered me or something. I feel like saying to it: “Well, I’ve always been here – where were you?”So thanks again, and what else can I say, except I’m glad you’re with me (thank you Universe!).Cheers,Indrani

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