Dane Cook Cracks Colorado Shooting Joke

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Way to be not funny AND inappropriate, Dane Cook. He jokes here about the shooting in Aurora, Colorado.
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Uhmmm dane cook KEEP on shining. Hatera make you more famous. You so your job and a great one at that and thats all ... IGNORANT PEOPLE IF YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT HE HAS TO SAY.. DON'T WATCH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! WORRY ABOUT YOUR OWN DAMN PROBLEMS!


Dane cook is a douche! The worst comic/wanna be actor in hollywood.. your not funny the only reason u got a little popular is because the ladies thought u were cute.news flash crawl back under the rock u came from u piece of crap.......no talent not funny u hack! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wanna hear a good joke? Douche cook aint funny lol hahahaha!

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