Dancing Down the Aisle Wedding Entrance Video

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This Minnesota wedding party really outdid themselves with this effort. Holy cow.
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Not worth the five minutes.


@KAYE. When did you have this sit down with God that he told you this information? I love these people that yell out blasphemy when you really just need to clam it shut. You have no idea what you're talking about.


Kaye you need to relax a bit. This is not a disrespect for the church at all. God wants people to have fun and that is what they were doing. Just because they chose to share their love for each other through dance at their wedding does not mean that their vows were jokes. Even churches these days are doing more modern things such as live bands that actually play music at a faster pace than the slow monotone funeralistic ways of the past. The joke is on you if you really think that you can judge their commitment based on their wedding and what they chose to do. Just remember "judge not lest ye be judged"


I think this shows a complete disrespect for the church and what it stands for and for God. It shows that they have sank to a new low in what marriage and it's meaning stand for. Marriage is not a joke. It makes you wonder what's next. Then they put it on our major networks and everyone gets a good laugh..LOL...
Let's see how long the joke (I mean marriage) lasts.

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