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Stuart Chaifetz is making national news for secretly recording a teacher and aide mocking his autistic child. Read the surprising report here.

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I feel your pain, unfortunily you really should sue even though you stated you are not looking for money, i myself am not a fan of suing and now whish i had. to be able to have repaired the damage done. i can tell you that what damage has been done to him will infact affect him the rest of his life. i have seen first hand the after effects of what a teachers abuse has had on child that we intrust our chaildern too. and this out to anyone with childern listen to your childern and stop it before it's too late. The school will drag their feet if you let them that's why i said sue you will be suprised at how fast they take action to correct the problem.


My son is 4 years old and he is the only child that can speak in that class but he misbehaves a lot up to the pin were he bites punches and kicks the teacher. At home he doesn't do this but i am afrai this is happening with my son to. Teachers seem very nice and askm ego stay to watch his behaviors but i can see how they act care less something i just have a feeling but how can i know its them ... i can't put wire on my son because he would take it off or when he goes to the bathroom I'm afraid they see it ...what should i do


You gotta love unions! None of these women should ever be allowed to work with children, they should all be fired!


i have a 6 year old son named Alexander with autism and this story broke my heart & mad me so mad. i hope pray that nothing like this happens to him and i pry that this never happens to Akian again. Most school protect there teachers before there students i think thats its horrible. my son went to a local school in our town in New Jersey, he loved to go to school till he started the new year with a new teach. he also started to misbehave and seem to go backwards instead of forwards with his learning. Me and my wife complained till they let him go to a out of district school. now he is happy again to go to school and is improving. Like Mr Chaifetz, you should never back down and fight for the rights of your children. People who work for a school who feel the need to make fun of children, belittle them, yell at the, ect. Children who cant defend them self or even tell someone that there getting picked on should get FIRED!! and be blacklisted from teaching children anywhere.


I vote x1 for me and both my parents x2 and on behalf of
My 8 yr old boy to disbar this cruel human being that poses as a teacher I would not let my son ever attend the
School she works on regardless, this is an irresponsible act on behalf of the school district .. Question.. What's next?


its so cruel that such ppl are even allowed near such kids... authorities should actually do this themselves before allowing such teachers near such kids...

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