Crazy Rhubarb Lady

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Crazy Rhubarb Lady has no shame. She does not hold back. And she will tell you how she feels in NSFW terms.
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Well i hate to break it to the people saying she's stealing, but she's not, if something grows beyond the boundary of your property , anything beyond the boundary belongs to whoever owns that land.


I loved her in The Goonies!!

Patsy collins hood

from what I can see....the old lady was just tryin to grow some veggies. not hurtin anybody. why are these people buggin her? it doesn't matter who's land it's on...if the owner has a problem...then let HIM say something. This is BS.



@ hdgirl

She wasn't growing them, the women behind the fence was and they grew threw the fence and she was stealing. if its not yours you don't take it that simple. That was an awful women, cant believe anyone would defend that foul mouth nasty women.

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