Courtney Stodden Marilyn Monroe Impression

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Courtney Stodden pays tribute to Marilyn Monroe in this video. If you can really refer to this as a "tribute."
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Marilyn had a real woman's figure. She didn't look like a short stick insect balancing a pair of water balloons.


Girl you are sexy as hell


A couple of years back, I bohugt a pair of 1950 s-style cat-eye sunglasses for my girlfriend but she doesn't wear them much. I happen to wear 1950 s style men's horn-rimmed sunglasses, and I wish my girlfriend would wear her cat-eye sunglasses more often because not only would we look like a couple from the 1950 s, but because she's more attractive with them on! ;)Do you like this comment? 0 0


That's two minutes of my time I just wasted. If she was half as pretty as she thinks she is, she'd have it made. I wonder how they talked her into taking that crazy wire thing off her arm for once. It probably turned her arm green.


That was bizare. She is one twisted little girl. You are right. Poor Marilyn. Why isn't this girl's 15 minutes of fame over yet?

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