Courtney Stodden Hates on Cyberbullying

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Courtney Stodden is speaking out against cyberbullying in this video. It was recorded six months before the 16-year old married a 51-year old actor.
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Hey Courtney, If you ever see this, I must ask. You hold your faith dear to you; but what do you classify as Christianity or whatever it is that you claim to be? Because the Bible does not agree with everything that you are doing, the pictures you pose for are very provocative and can be classed as soft porn. But I'd really like to know what you class as Christianity to you.


Wow... Just shut up already... I think she's trying to just get a bit of sympathy for all her haters. It backfired. By the way.. Your "not-fake" hair? News flash, bleaching it until it's as frizzy as shit seems pretty fake to me...I could care less how old your husband or you are..I think it's only a big deal because you're just too easy to dislike, and you sound like an uneducated fool everytime you open your mouth. So stop bitching about all the people who hate you and using cyberbullying as a platform to complain about it.


Haha this isnt about cyberbullying its all about her! If you dont like the judgement dont act like an oversexed child and how you acted at that pumpkin patch. I wouldnt want my family seeing that(poses, outfits). Im sure you all have the money to rent the land for the day and there are sites that could display your pictures if you need that attention. If you want to be treated with respect act like the rest of society.

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