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What is married life like for Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison? The former says she and her 51-year old husband "connect on a beautiful level."

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Yep, watermelon. Look at the way she walks and her odd, stactnnoly changing facial movements. This good Christian young lady on some some shit.And holy hell, she's annoying as shit and he's creepy as fuck. Maybe it's best for them to be together. It saves the rest of the world from ending up with these freaks. I hope people go Rosanne's Nuts on this show and ignore it into oblivion.


what lady wouldn't take it all off wolsly for dmitry? what woman wouldn't bare her breasts for Putin? i love russia. guess that's why they see no problem with the stripping of women and children post crisis in my town. i understand now. russian politics is sexy. best to be nude when discussing ethics! grrr russia, grrr! no health effects to uranium, cobalt60, heavy metals. nuclear fallout all AOK for consumption! otherwise harper would be guilty of mass murder and high treason. can't have that. medvedev is hot, hot, hot. hibiscus is as cold as the wee ones north of her. poor chilly hibiscus. at least she is nude. that is best.


Hey folks. These people are ACTORS. They are acting. This is a stunt. If they can convince you that what they are telling you is true, then they have earned the right to call themselves great actors. But they are only mediocre. It’s performance art. What gives them away is the outrageousness of the stunt and their shamelessness. I will admit it is clever. Even if someone had time to investigate and substantiate my claim, it wouldn’t matter. What would it reveal? That it was a stunt. So what? It’s simply more publicity. The only thing they aren’t lying about is that they are actors. Look at Doug’s manners of expression. He seems a wee bit too fey to be a compelling husband. And, of course, the mother approved it. It’s a business agreement. All they need to do is get one big payday for it to be worth it. I’ll admit they almost had me fooled.


this is a little weird..just...a ....littleeeee...


The way she readjusts herself, licks her lips, opens her mouth, her eyes, the obnoxious, "mhhhmmmmm!" the fuck does she think this is, a porno? Stupid bimbo. Her mom mentioned something about how she did a great job of raising her. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhahahahahaha yeah good one.


She put on her bikini and daisy dukes to get down and wash the floor? What the actual fuck. This girl is such a dumb bimbo, her voice makes me want to punch infants.


She is a fake disgusting drugged up skank, and her mother is a gold-digger...she should be shot. What a terrible, terrible mother!!


She looks more like a stoned Anna Nicole Smith instead of Pamela Anderson.


does'nt she seem....Weird...I bet she's on drugs


The Yorkie is the one I am interested in. These two fools should not even have exposure.

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