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This Cheerios commercial received serious backlash on YouTube. Why? Because it features a mixed race family.

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I think all this overreaction started sometime in the early eighties when the Reagans (Backed By Bible Belt Baptist Bitches) started telling people what chemicals they are allowed to ingest and what music your children are allowed to listen to, the basic human rights afforded by the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights will always fly over the heads of the "Holier Than Thou Frau Crowd" live happy and be free folks, free to be an ignorant racist who finds trouble with cereal ads, or free to be a HUMAN and not bother yourself with other people's lives and desires. Harm none and do what ye will!


It's not a Patch of Blue or Guess Who's Coming to Dinner


how is this bad?????????????? hello people thats why we have laws if there was a law that white people can't marry black id totally follow that law but id think it would be stupid!


I saw this commercial earlier and thought it was cute and it never darned on me that it was an interracial couple. What year are we in again?


I have seen this commercial 4 times and still can't figure out what is wrong with it. I think it's pretty cute.


now cheerios suck, i won't eat no more. in iraq 74%caucasion, 11%latino, 9%black, why not find a service caucasion man?? if my daughter,, i would not have a daughter to be pimped.

@ Lawrence Dodd

you sir are a fucking hillbilly ... i know this not only by your incredibly stupid and gibberish comment but also by your shirt.. well done .. go kill yourself

@ Lawrence Dodd

Don't worry Big Larry no Black is going to want to marry your daughter if she is as big, ugly, and as stupid as you. Your so dumb you can even write a complete sentence and you think your opinion counts !!!!!!! hahahahahaha


i will never eat cheerios again.. thanx to cheerios, if my daughter was to do such a thing she would not be my daughter any longer. 74%caucasion, 11%latino, 9%black, why not find a service caucasion??


I don't get how people take this the wrong way??!! Its actually very heart warming and cute.


This is the cutest commercial I have ever seen! I love it!


Love it!!! Soooo INNOCENT & sweet. Adds a smile to your day.

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