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Conrad Murray leaves a bizarre message for Paris Jackson in this video. Listen to it now.

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Another eerie side show, as this lovely young woman fights for her sanity. My gut reaction is that I hope, at this time in her life, she is not even made of aware of this tape. Sadly, this character is not the only snake in the grass at the Family Estate. My prayers continue for Paris and her mother, Debby Rowe to survive this dark period and move on to a happier peaceful way of living.


This crazy bastard killed her father and now has the balls to tell her he will help her. Help her do what die the way he killed Michael. I'm having trouble believing they allowed the murdering bastard to make that message let alone send it to Paris. I'm for capital punishment he took a life, now he needs to pay with his life. It would get rid of the trash that's calls himself a doctor.


This whole situation is off just as his brother and sister have sworn in conspiracy ending Jacksons life.. Michael had hidden warning messages in his speaches and songs. Maybe this is yet again another secret message that paris will understand.. or an attempt. You never know.. But all I can say is Paris you still have your whole life it may seem like the end of the world now but react in a smart manner.. Don't allow your down fall. Keep your head up. Your Dad is with you always


And this is from the creep whose malpractice killed her father. That is real brass balls!


Why would people be giving this high marks??? The only thing about it that deserves high marks is the creepy factor!!!!!


What a freak. He assisted in killing her father so why would she want to hear anything from him!!!!!! I couldn't listen to the whole thing, in fact I only made it to about the 30 second mark...I can't stand to hear his voice. He totally freaks me out.


Oh. My. God. There is no end to the weirdness in ANY of these people.

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