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This Coca-Cola is spurring a lot of controversy. Why? Because it features various languages singing "America the Beautiful."

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LOVE THE AD. Though the United States is a land of diversity, the melting pot of the world, I can see why some are somewhat upset over the language change during the AD. several months ago, I went into a MCdonald's restaurant to order some food and before I could even begin to place my order everybody behind the counter was speaking spanish. For a moment I thought I was in mexico or some foreign land. The founders of this country as we know IT-- U.S. OF A. defined our official language as English to help bring UNITY among all citizens and residents. Language barriers is a difficult thing to deal with around the world. The U.S. should never have allowed USA to now become a bilingual state. All visitors and residents and those who choose to become citizens must learn the official language and not the other way around. An American citizen should not be forced to learn Spanish or some other language... This is where the U.S. is heading now with all voice automated systems etc. now in place saying for spanish press #. If one chooses to live in the U.S. then one must learn ENGLISH--No compromise..END of story.... This does not make the U.S. prejudice or racist--only trying to protect UNITY among all.... And just in case you are wondering, I am a foreigner and I am not WHITE... APART FROM THIS CONCERN, I THINK THAT THE AD is a beautiful AD and the controversy should not take away from the AD itself... It just allowed a forum for people to express their fears and concerns over the whole immigration issue that has been brewing for over 15 years now. COKE DID NOTHING WRONG HERE...I applaud COKE-An international company for the AD...


People from all different lands singing about how beautiful America is, how could that be bad? Brought a tear to me eye' it did.


Are you kidding me, there wasn't one thing racist about that ad. It was that ALL people that believe in America are American & drink Coke, give it a rest no matter what your race, heritage, culture, etc. it's American to drink Coca-Cola. America Rocks ! Love it or leave it !!! Freedom of choice & speech means just that, not EVERYTHING is an insult (Hyper-Sensitive) Geez !


THEY would be OFFENDED...and it would NOT happen. Some things have just swung to the other extreme & gone overboard. A lot of 'politically correct' things are ridiculous.


I love the diversity of all people here,it is America! But I do think it should be apparent that ENGLISH is the language of The USA...nothing more annoying than the phone option---"press one for blah,blah blah"....even worse when 1 is for the foreign,NOT native tongue! I think this is what some were "offended" by. Go to any other Hispanic,French,Russian,Japanese,etc speaking countries & TELL THEM TO SPEAK ENGLISH!!!




NOTHING wrong or controvercial with this Coke Ad at all. This ad depicts the diversity of America! We have many different cultures living here and Coke is showing how beautiful America really is. Let's KEEP her that way and STOP the hating people. Let's not taint everything we come across that doesn't meet our individual standards! To each his own. Instead of being ignorant or scared because of the unknown--ask, research, and study other cultures. Get to know and understand their ways. They are not monsters, but rather human beings such as yourselves. Live, Love, Laugh


I don't think there is any thing wrong with that. We are a country filled with diversity and I think it shows that is this commercial. Love it!


The only thing more beautiful than this country are the people who live here.


I didn't see anything wrong with that.

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