CJ Fam - Ordinary Pop Star

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CJ Fam performs "Ordinary Pop Star." It's beyond bad, but so was Rebecca Black, and you know how that went, so ...
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She needs to WANT to not have chiclets for teeth.


OK, I have to say this. When I looked @ that, I saw a couple of guys watching that and when the one guys points and gives a thumbs up, he is saying to the other guy, "That's our paycheck, right there. America eats this shit up." What I want... to know is WHY???? America is the birthplace of jazz and blues. The birthplace of rock and roll and punk (UK just jumped on it and gave it a fashion sense). And even though they are not my preferred genres, hip hop and rap were also born here. House music was born here out of the mix of disco and ska and some other influences. Major advancements in music have come from this country and now we as a nation are content with generic mass produced CRAP! WHY????? What the hell is wrong with people? I say we all DEMAND more! Stop buying this shit. Stop watching it on YT. Just make it all go away!

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