Christina Hopkins Rant

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Christina Hopkins, a star on Bad Girls Club, goes OFF in this video. She drops the N word 12 times because a woman royally pissed her off. Watch now.
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Honestly what did Martin luther king do! He just wasted his breath. I'm not racist at all I like white ppl. But not your kind of white. And your ugly yourself looking like a grasshopper


I used to like Christina but then after see that video makes me want to stabb her in the throat. Yeahh I'm black and u Christina need to stop hating b'cus black is beautiful. Christina her self is hating on Ashley 2. Ashley is beautiful with no doubt! Christina just needs to go kiss a frog!!!!


So freaken funny!!!!;D


what a rude and racist b***h. I'm so sick of racist people!!!! I hope that what she said ruins her career!!!

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