Chris Rock: Vote for "White" Barack Obama!

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Listen up, white people: you should vote for Barack Obama. Here is why, according to Chris Rock.
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Granville w collins

Chill Out People. Our skin is getting so thin it is almost transparent. Chris Rock is not the racist, we are, if we can't see past a joke. Chris Rock is and always has been a Comedian. His job is get a rise out you and sometimes make us think. It's called social comentary. If he offends you don't listen, but please don't call him a racist. What does that make you?


Use to LOVE Chris Rock-no longer the case. What a schmuck. Not voting for Obama & my reason has nothing to do with his race!!! Ps..Chris, African American men can be just as racist as well against white/Asian/Chinese/whatever race!!!! You are apparently! Signed your Ex-fan! Shame on you!

Granville w collins
@ Kia

Apparently you are/were not a fan of The Comedian Chris Rock. If you were then you would that he is best "tongue in cheek" social comentator there is, and you would not be offended in anyway.

Granville w collins
@ Granville W. Collins

editorial insert: you would know; :-))

@ Kia

Oh Get a life!!!! Learn about satire! I am sure Chris will have a sleepless night because u r an ex-fan!

Granville w collins
@ Ray

My sentiments exactly.

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