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Chris Rock absolutely crushed Chris Brown on the Today Show this morning in an off-the-cuff bit. You gotta see this.

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@therealchris even the president looks at Kanye with the evil eye .. how do you know that Chris can't beat Kanye's ass ?? you don't know .. maybe he'll turn down a fight because he doesn't want to go to jail again .. nothing is worth being locked up for a long period of time .. i don't think it's fair for you to judge him by what you think he his .. i think people should spend a day with him instead of listening to what the media has to give .. he made some mistakes .. but once again .. HE'S HUMAN !! 
but i appreciate you for being so calm and collective while sharing your opinion with me .. thanks .Â


@therealchris that's exactly what i'm doing too .. speaking my opinion .. and i respect anybody for whatever opinion .. but do you know Chris Brown ?? do you really truly know him as a person ?? NO !! you only know him from the media and all you pay attention to is the negative things that is said about him .. how do you know he's a coward by a couple of behind the camera experiences ?? how do you know ?? the media is making him look like a terrible person just because of a few things done and a few words said .. and you believe all of it .. you're what i like to call a media zombie . i bet if you sat down and had a long conversation with Chris you would understand .. but you're not famous , so you don't understand .. of course this is what all famous people go through . but you're defending Kanye ??


Tamera, sorry but I'm not that type of guy. I've been hit by a woman and I walked away because I would never hit a woman. Chris Brown didn't hit her once he hit her multiple times. Honestly if Chris Brown was a real man he'd meet another real man in a cage hell I'll hit him first and he wouldn't do anything about it because he's one of those guys that only can hit a woman. Jay-Z could've and should've beat him bad but Jay-Z knows Chris Brown would just sue him. Chris Brown is a coward in my opinion whether you like it or not that's ok because you're entitled to your opinion and I wouldn't put you down but I will put Chris Brown down. If he wants to make it right I think he should face Jay-Z in a cage fight with proceeds going to a battered women's group. He does that and gets his beating I'll give him a little more respect. However I'll give you respect because I don't know you or your history and I'm not an internet tough guy I'm just speaking my opinion.


like i said : people make mistakes .. 
let me ask YOU something .. if someone hit you , wouldn't you hit them back ?? if not , then ... shit , i don't know .. a person would have to be to calm .. 
and yes Chris Rock is very , very funny .. but in his case i was just stricken because Chris Brown is my most favorite person EVER ! and i almost NEVER get offended , but i was offended for him .. 
and at least he apologized . some men don't .. 
Chris has a good mother and i am absolutely sure she gave him a good talk about that incident .. and i know he loves his mother with all his heart and he would never disrespect her ..Â

@ Tamera Davis

Oh get the Phuck over it already. Chris Brown was not a man when that happened, he was a phucking teenager for goodness sake. People in their teens sometimes screw up pretty bad. You people on these blogs, well some of you, are really quite Pathetic, He was in his teens, he is still young, he made a huge mistake, its was not like he was Charlie Sheens age well into his adulthood and abused any woman. He was young, stupid and hot headed, he's apologized, said it would never happen again and he's learned from his mistake and he is still learning. He is young and still has some growing up to do. Good grief, he is 23 phucking years old for goodness sake, what do you people expect. Men take a long time to grow up, this young man is still growing and learning and all you Haters keep doing is Hating on someone who is still barely out of his teen years, what does that say about you. You are the really sad ones. Look at your own lives and try to figure out why you are so hateful and judgemental inside, because the real flaws seem to be within yourselves. Peace


well Jeni .. my mom's old boyfriend (the father of two of my siblings) used to hit her .. i was a witness .. but i never EVER held it against him .. i looked at him like he was crazy and i despised the fact that he did it .. but today i think he's a great guy and my mom still is good friends with him .. you can't go on in life holding such grudges .. and i'm proud of my mom for not holding a grudge against him .. and with Chris , Rihanna did give him a reason to hit her .. she did hit him first .. now if i was a man and a woman hit me , i'd hit her back too .. i , personally , will not take a hit no matter what sex i am .. nobody should hit anybody in the first place , i think none of it would've happened if Rihanna didn't hit him first .. but she did .. so he hit her back .. it's human reflexes .. and Chris just happened to click .. but it was Rihanna's fault .. Rihanna even said that .. and it does matter that he did it only once as long as he doesn't do it again ..


Jeni, I agree with you 100%. Also he hit a girl and got 10 million Twitter followers because of it. So I wonder what would happen if OJ Simpson had a Twitter account 60 million followers?


Alot of people defending Chris Brown but in my opinion once you make the choice to hit or abuse a woman you also choose to be ridiculed and belittled. Whether it happens once of multiple times is not important and I was surprised to see the comment that he only did it once, so if it was your daughter, sister, mother or friend would u still think it was ok cause it only happened once? While he maybe a talented man he made the choice to do what he did. Chris Rock never fails to make me laugh and I thought it was quite funny.


as Rihanna said : who say that big men don't cry ?? you never miss the water 'til the well run dry ..
please just leave him alone .. he's a great person at heart .. but he's human .. and so are you .. 
you're acting like he set the world on fire .. WELL GUESS WHAT !! HE DIDN'T !! 
i idolize Chris Brown .. i look past flaws and mistakes .. all i see is talent .. and you just see an opportunity to kick someone when they're down , laugh at tears on their face .. you know nothing about him if all you see is a woman beater .. WHICH HE ISN'T !! and it's a DAMN SHAME that you're still holding such a thing against him .. Michael Jackson forgave Joseph .. you don't hold the power of forgiveness to still be holding this grudge against Breezy .. so guess what .. you're going to hell .. it says in the Bible that you must forgive .. anyways .. i'm not gonna HATE Chris Rock for saying such a thing .. he's , well you know , a comedian .. but i seriously did not think that was funny ..


Your idol? Your idol? What no parents or uncles or aunts ? This women beater is your sad


Damn. People still on this Chris Brown and Rihanna shit? Smhh. People have absolutely no lives. LET THAT SHIT GO. IT'S OVER. Damn...I see some Chris Brown this or Chris Brown that one more time....this is ridiculous.

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