Chris Hayes Asks: Are Military Men Heroes?

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Chris Hayes has created quite a stir with these comments. Watch and listen to him wonder why we refer to military personnel as "heroes."
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Thank you, Maxie:) There is much to be done, and lots of small steps are being taken around the world in the name of Jesus. We are going to a Go-and-Tell today at SFC to hear from a culope who have been withYWAM for years he mentioned the Texs discipleship program which is where you went after high school, right? I love all the connections he also mentioned an orphanage near Cape Town that is connected with YWAM in some way. Children


Let's sit down and think for a minute. Someone feels so strongly that they are offering their life to defend your right to say what you want to say and do what you want to do and he isn't a hero? Not to mention that he makes less than minimum wage in many cases. Yet we have no problem calling someone who is good at running with a ball in his hand who makes millions of dollars per year. War isn't glorious nor is it a good thing but it isn't going to stop. Yes there are people in this world who want to kill Americans not because we have done anything against them but because they don't want their power threatened by someone wanting what we enjoy.
Every man and woman who dons a uniform and offers their life to protect you from people like that is a hero.


I think he's absolutely right. He's saying that by listing everyone as a "hero", we are glorifying the war and its process, which is an incredibly dangerous thing. The war in the middle east isn't admirable, and being pro-war doesn't make you American. War is deadly. The military is suppossed to go out and give their own lives, and the fact that some Americans are so willing to send them away to die, then blindly call everyone a hero ( in effect justifying their death), shows a gross misunderstanding of what it means to be a decent person and fellow American.

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