Chris Guerra: His Final Call

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In this phone interview, a friend of Chris Guerra's recounts the final conversation he had with the late paparazzi member. Guerra died in pursuit of Justin Bieber.
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dont blam this on justin !!! Im glad Miley stuck up fo him shes right didnt your mum tell u to look both ways ? who cares if its dark didnt your mum tell you to stay inside when its dark besides its stupid crossing a busy highway at midnight what do u expect! cars arent going to stop for you ! DUHHH! btw RIP sorry to the parents and friends x


Justin wasnt smoking weed are u kidding me !!!


Blaming Justin is BS! It is not his fault. This is a very tragic accident and my prayers go out to this guys family. But he made the choice to run across the 4 lane highway. Not a safe choice. And this friend on the phone is trying to blame everyone else in this. So what if Justin was smoking weed....leave these people alone. How would you like it if someone reported about every little thing you do? Again my prayers to everyone who knew this guy, hopefully this does open up the eyes of the photogs to be more safe for themselves and others.


with all the s-s-stuttering and the "ughhhh"s this firends sounds like hes on drugs

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