Chris Brown performs live at the MTV VMAs 2011. Dude did a heck of a job we have to say.

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Wow!!!! I was speechless!!! Definitely THE best performance of the night!! J-Z ..... you gotta give props where its deserved!! Let bygons be bygons. Human is to error .... didn't you say you were a dope dealer?? How many people overdosed on your merchandised & probably died?? You ain't no saint!!! So Chris Brown .... you KILLED IT!!! I am proud of you!! And keep entertaining us ... You ROCK!!! And forget the haters!!!

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Chris Brown Biography

Chris Brown Tattoo Chris Brown was born in 1989, which means he couldn't even buy beer when he first broke onto the scene. But man, this R&B singer... More »
Tappahannock, Virginia
Full Name
Christopher Maurice Brown