Chris Brown: I'm Good at Using Guns and Knives!

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Chris Brown says he is good at using guns and knives. That's not going to go over well when you're in anger management treatment.
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Fuck the police
and fuck rihanna

@ 2pac

You won't say that when they lock your butt up! Stop being dumb troubles easy to get into and hard to get out. Grow up!


I like Chris Brown as a singer but people can't make excuses for him. Everyone pays for theirmistakes. one way another no matter who they are and no matter how much money they have, Chris included.


Yea chris could go to jail for lots of days...and the beaver cant whats up with that...thats scan less...stay strong chris...


PeoPle just unforgiving and very hateful those doctor in rehab should not have given up on Chris so soon. I hope they were not paid to kick Chris out by his rivals. Also hope they were not giving him the wrong medication nothing extra to make him out as mentally ill. Apparently some one want to destroy Chris brown life nd career. I known he is very much out of order some times but he is also smart, intelligent, talented and knowns what he is about. Please do notmake out to be crazy, in no way he is.

@ na

You sound crazy the drs get paid or Chris probably gave them a hard time look how he acts look at what he went to jail for Chris needsnhelp not excuses!


Rehab wanted Chris to go to jail that was just an excuse. I do hope they are giving Chris the right medication and was not giving him the wrong stuff to make him look and act mentally ill. Because the way they give up on him tell they don't like him and I would be scared to eat and drink from those kind of people. They probable give Chris the wrong meds. People are very evil trust none.Chris never say that before.

Sherry hardimon

Chris Brown said he was good at knives that's not all he'sgood at looks like he good with getting into trouble and going to jail. What a bad message to send out to young kids that idolizes him. His mother needs to give one of those old fashion ass whipping. Maybe that will do him some good.


Its a shame that Chris Brown is so talented and he's just throwing his career up in smoke. He really doesn't realize how bless he is to live the kind of life he's living. I don't feel sorry for him he deserves to be in jail if he breaks the law just like anyone else. Maybe staying jail will make him realize how luck he really is both on the other hand once a abuser and thug always an abuser and thug.

Sherry hardimon
@ Sherry

Chris Brown look like he's hasn't eaten in days. He thought he was going to get out. But money cannot buy you everything. Everyone can see that.

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