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This is a disturbing music video. In it, Chloe Lattanzi pretends to kill herself. Think it crosses the line?
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Oops sorry. In the above comment, I probably sound quite harsh. Not meant to upset Chloe, but more to make people think about what they listen to. Sorry Chloe, I am sure you are talented in other ways, its just this video and song don't do you any justice. Its just sounds a bit whingy that's all and it doesn't inspire. Just keep that in mind when you make your next want to leave the world inspired when you have power like this.....

Avatar this entertainment or just the ramblings of a psycho. Not only is she a terrible actor the song is crap and I am not sure she can even sing. Why not focus on fun, uplifting music that motivates and inspires instead of this crap. Really we all need to rethink what entertainment is. Just because she is the daughter of a star doesn't really mean she is talented. I don't think this is talent it is just rubbish polluting our minds. The world is ugly enough...we don't need to glamourise more of it. If she wasn't the daughter of Olivia NJ. I don't think we would even be talking about this because lets face is crap.

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