Cheating Girl Caught By Both Guys

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This cheating girl was caught by both guys, who chose to humiliate her. Did they take it too far?
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Sure she cheated, but do you have to publicly humiliate her? Cowards!


Why do I get the feeling that this silly blog wouldn't even have ASKED if it was justified or not if it was two women doing it to a man because they would have just accepted that it WAS justified?


Justified... She's just sorry she got caught and can't screw two guys anymore... At least for the time being... She will do it again, once a cheater always a cheater...

Christy m coleman

Totally justified. Cheater SUCK! Anybody who cheats should be ashamed. If they aren't happy they should leave......


I have to say after just finding out my SO cheated recently, it was well deserved n that bitch should've run outta there in tears!!! Boo fucking hoo, you got caught..Slut...


Slut... 18th time!


i hate to say it butthat wasn't harsh @ all!! if the tables were turned and the girl found out SHE was being cheated on...then I'msure she would've done worse!! it's one thing to date two people...but she obviously is having sex with BOTH guys and they OBVIOUSLY. thought they were exclusive! ! so...would these guys ONLY be in their rights if they caught an std???, as a girl who has been cheated on before....SHE GOT WHAT SHE HAD COMING!!!


The media portrays successful women as being sluts and in actuality men don't really look upon sluts as 'a good thing to be.' Meanwhile, thank miley, minaj, and whoever else is role modeling for girls, to be sluts...then remember, your tv no longer WANTS us to be family and whoever owns your gov, owns your media.

@ Default+Setteen

Amen too that


absolutely right.

@ abe

OMG, I agree with every single word you said! So true!

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