Charlotte Sometimes - "Misery Business" (The Voice)

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There was nothing miserable about this effort from Charlotte Sometimes. She sang "Misery Business" on The Voice top 24 show.
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Please understand that the contestants on The Voice aren't up there to sound like other singers (or bands--like Paramore). They're up there to win a competition, and each artist has the freedom to choose a song that they believe will showcase them as spectacular. They also have the poetic license to make that song, for a few moments, their own. I think Charlotte's performance was unique and original, and she should be commended for NOT sounding like Paramore. She put on a fabulous performance, and I even watched it on YouTube twice again before I wrote this posting just to make sure she was as good as I thought. She was. She had far more talent than several of the people that America voted for, on any team, and all she got for her talent and originality was sent home for not sounding like Paramore. Shame on you all for wanting her to ape an already-successful artist rather than becoming her own. If it was good enough for Haley Williams, it should be good enough for all of you.


People seem to need a song to stay only the way they already know it. I think what Charlotte did was brilliantly unique, and so does Paramore's Haley Williams who tweeted that she loved the transformation her song underwent. Charlotte's performance was by far the most outstanding of the night.


It was good, but it's slowed down to the point where it's not really Paramore. It's more like if Adele went angsty. The real song is much faster and MUCH more angrier. I can relate to the song because the same situation applies to me, and when I sing it and listen to it I feel so happy. Her performance felt way too mainstream, and that's definitely not Paramore. One of the best parts about the song is the drumbeat and screaming guitars. It doesn't sound right on piano (with the exception of Christina Grimmie, but she has the voice to pull it off). Good effort... but not really right for an alternative rock song.


Jesus, I am a huge fan of Paramore, and I think she RUINED this song. She held notes too short every 5 freakin' seconds and changed her pitches to where the song was an unrecognizable monster.

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