Charlie Sheen sits here with Matt Lauer on The Today Show and addresses his past antics, along with his future show: Anger Management.

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Give Charlie a break, Everyone has problems !


The only one Charlie is fooling is himself!


I am so glad I wasn't the only one to see the "elephant in the room". I thought Charlie looked horrible. He was sweating and had dark circles under his eyes. His rambling made no sense and was misplaced. I kept watching Matt Lauer to see if he was thinking the same as me....that Charlie was absolutely stoned or just coming down off of some drug. Addiction is becoming an epidemic in Hollywood.


I have never used drugs but watching that interview, I thought he was high on something. He couldn't sit still, he kept rambling. It was really akward. He made a comment about leaving his legacy, going out on a better note... makes me think he knows he is still doing down a bad path.


As an ex-addict ... I must attest that this sad man, Charlie Sheen, was either wired during the interview or still awake from a night of using. He looked so absolutely horrible - "you know you've got such dark eyes" comes to mind. I can only wonder how Matt kept himself collected during the interview. It was sad to watch and listen to this so very lost human being. And the fact that he is even allowed to be hired in his state is an atrocity.

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