Charles L. Worley Sermon: Kill the Gays!

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Charles L. Worley preaches to his congregation in this video, telling them we ought to kill all homosexuals. Watch the disturbing sermon now.
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gays need t8me to proccreate....a gay wman and homo man can procreate...jackin off and reversal of cobdom conteƱts into a lesbo puss


Well done!
Very well done!
This pastor has demonstrated ignorance and hate of truly remarkable levels!
Jesus would be so proud of someone who wants to segregate everyone based on who they love.
Very, very well done!


I think preachers who preaches like this should be put in a fence & fed poisonous food,, Ignorant SOB


I am against same sex marriage of both men and women. However, I believe these lesbian and homosexual behavors are learned behavior and not inherited or dna traits. I believe that we should make an all out Christian war on the devil and demons that produce these actions.The Bible says that we are to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. I understand this pastors frustration, however, I believe that the One who created the heavens and the earth is capable of changing every or any man or womans behavior. The problem is that you canot cause any person to stop doing what they do not want to stop doing. I do agree on not voting for a baby killing administration.

@ Glen wright

Learned behavior?
Learned from who?

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