Chael Sonnen Disses LeBron James

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Chael Sonnen thinks LeBron James is a "dork." Who is Chael Sonnen? That's pretty much our reaction.
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Only an ass would call Lebro James a doke! 1st off he plays in the toughest Basketball leauge in the world. Thats why he's a world champion jackass. And you haven't beat anybody worth talking about so you say thez things to get attention, nobody even knows you exist. Get a life & quit trying to use someone else's fame to boost your own. Heat Nation

@ Robert Richardson

Learn to spell retard. And millions of people know who Sonnen is, so let's not pretend he's a nobody.
And WTF is 'Heat Nation'. It's a f*cking bouncy-ball team in the ass-end of the world, Florida. Nobody in the rest of the world gives a crap about some fake U.S. "World" Championship played by a bunch of pituitary cases with a love for strippers and spinner hubs.

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