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Because the Dolphins are being filmed for HBO's docu-series Hard Knocks, Chad Johnson's release by the team was caught on video! Watch Head Coach Joe Philbin give him the pink slip here.

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(Continued) that you had decided to give the car to your girlfriend, so there would be no drawing for the car. Only a few of the people actually got prizes, most were just scammed. Not only did you give yourself a badder name but you also made the Bengals look bad too. How you got away from prosecution, I do not know! Finally, Karma has said "enough you shall pay!" You have no one to blame but yourself.


Doodle iPhone apps have taken over the iTunes Store with hundreds of this gnreea to select from. Some of these apps are good and some are just plain horrible. A very nice game in this gnreea is Doodle Truck. The object is quite simple, get your truck from point a to point be without losing your load. You do this either by using the iPhone accelerometer or by using the virtual reverse and forward pedals. The game has 3 trucks (2 unlockable) as well as 48 levels of game play. I really like this game and found it to be an excellent pick up an play game. CM


She deserved it!!!karma is a female dog¡!!!!


That's messed up do they believe n second chances they just took this man's career away behind a money hungry bitch that provokes and always trying to jump on people that's a bully I really believe that she butted him and gutted her own head she went after this man went the bed the first night with him on national tv chad needs to be given another chance


Mr. Sense.I can only assume you are male, as generally, females are not quite so quick to forgive a millionaire who takes joy and sees a game in animal cruelty. My "pea brain" doesn't give a rats ASS if he spent a year in a minimum security country club facility. What does his crime say about him as a HUMAN? What does your comment say about about your humanity? Do you kick puppies and trip Granny when she's in your way? You spent TIME in your day "explaining" my ignorance toward this man, but you did not give a thought to this man who claims his itty-bitty wife gave HIM the head-butt. Seriously. My quick and dirty comment on this no-name site enraged what can only be seen as fangirl, emotional idiocy, which only makes my point valid. Thank you! Mooah.


That was the most p***y-a** firing I've ever seen! Philbin jerked around and never just said plain and simply "We gotta let you go..". That would have been a much better and str8 forward way to do it, AND TRUST ME, I am a pro at being fired(LOL!!!!). It is NO WAY the Dolphins are gonna do Jack Schitt this season with such a soft ass coach runnin the team. Da Fins win spend another season in the cellar of the NFL.
All this since he changed his name back to "Johnson". Maybe all will be well if he goes back to Ocho. Maybe the name "Johnson" is a jinx to him. I'm pullin for you, Ocho!!!!!!!


MrsP you are an idiot. The person who ran an immoral dog-fighting ring went to jail for a year. I'm sure your pea brain missed that little fact. And Chad Johnson didn't get banned from the NFL, he got cut from a team tired of his mini dramas since they signed him. Other employers are free to pick him up if they want. But again you sound like a small minded person who loves to talk about Vick's past and skip over his sentence, and model behavior (asked the ASPCA) since he got out of jail...why am i typing this...your brain will explode after reading it


Funny, in the NFL, you can't head-butt your wife, but you CAN run an illegal and completely immoral dog-fighting ring. WTG AMERICA!!!!!

@ MrsP

He served his time, jail time, for the dog-fighting ring and was kicked out of the league. No one condones his actions, but he paid his price for enabling others to engage in animal violence. Should he be forever punished for this mistake? You're post reeks of immaturity - i don't even know why i wasted the time to comment.

@ MrsP

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