Jeffrey Gutt blew us away with his X Factor audition. Listen to him sing "Hallelujah" in this video and then prepare for his really cute son.
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Tate Stevens has won The X Factor Season 2. Watch his original audition here.
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Yes, the song has been covered many times over the years. But Josh Krajcik still did an outstanding job on "Hallelujah," don't you think?
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It's safe to say Panda Ross has a shot at winning The X Factor. Watch her initial audition now!
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You'll meet Josh Krajcik in this video. And his mother. Check out just how supportive she is of her 30-year old talent in this X Factor audition.
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Lillie McCloud impressed on The X Factor Season 3 premiere. Watch her audition now.
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Diamond White made herself stand out with this rendition of "It's a Man's World." She's only 13 years old!
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Jillian Jensen gave a truly heartfelt performance on The X Factor Season 2 premiere. Give it a look and give it a listen her.
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