Matt Hardy is heading to rehab. The wrestler has been arrested three times in a month.
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Snooki drops the HAMMER on some punk b!tch at Wrestlemania. Never thought we'd see the day.
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Randy Orton gets punched in the junk in this video. The fan responsible was subsequently arrested.
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Snooki has come to WWE. The drama was all it was billed as and more. Good thing for tape delay. No one needs to see that cooca.
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A week after the Ultimate Warrior passed away, WWE paid tribute to the fallen star on Monday Night Raw. Watch here.
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In this video taken during Monday Night Raw, you can see commotion by the announcers' table and for good reason: Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack on air.
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Mae Young was a wrestling legend when she passed away at the age of 90. Watch this moving tribute to the star.
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Will Stacy Keibler make a return to the WWE? The organization is reportedly wooing the former Diva.
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The Ultimate Warrior thanks and acknowledges fans during an appearance on Monday Night Raw that took place days before his death.
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It's WWE Raw ... Jersey Shore style! Check out this promo of Snooki's visit to the hit wrestling entertainment program.
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Darren Young is the first active WWE star to ever come out as gay. Watch him make the admission here.
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Pat Patterson is a WWE legend. He makes a tearful admission in this video, coming out as gay.
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