Wendy Williams randomly attacked Beyonce on her show today. Hopefully, she's ready to be attacked by Beyonce fans in return.
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Wendy Williams shares a crazy story in this interview about her son and her husband. Watch... if you dare.
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Wendy Williams blasts Taylor Swift in this sneak peek from her talk show. You won't believe (or understand) the reason why.
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Wendy Williams made some shocking comments about Christina Aguilera today. As usual, her audience ate it up.
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Wendy Williams took on the Kylie vs. Kylie feud today. For once, we agree with her.
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Wendy Williams accuses Beyonce of using a racial slur when she sings about "Becky with the good hair" on her "Lemonade" album.
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Wendy Williams has come under some major fire. Watch this video to see what the talk show host said about Ariana Grande and then to see what the singer's fans said back.
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French Montana sets the record straight about his relationship with Khloe Kardashian ... and it sounds like there is still something there.
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Wendy Williams shocked her audience with her comments on Bruce Jenner's sex change. Did she go to far?
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Wendy Williams discussed Kanye West. She's not a huge fan of the rapper.
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Wendy Williams went OFF on Zayn Malik on her talk show yesterday. The daytime gossip queen encouraged the other members of One Direction to kick Zayn out of the band.
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Wendy Williams has strong words about critics of Iggy Azalea. He believes black people do not like the artist solely because she is white.
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